06/25/2013 + Sales of Two New Prints in 2013, “Purple Princess” & “Autumn Cherry Blossom”Started
06/21/2013 + “Shiro Amakusa -Prayer-“ Uploaded on Works
06/08/2013 + Exhibition Information of August & September Uploaded
06/01/2013 + Online Shop “Ichiro Tsuruta: Art Store” Opens
05/23/2013 + “ICHIRO TSURUTA PROMOTION OFFICE” Website Opened

The section of “From Atelier” Ichiro Tsuruta talks about his works.
What did he think when he painted the latest work? We are looking forward to the next comment.

You can see the latest information and the gallery of Ichiro Tsuruta Bijinga Exhibition and print works
on Facebook page, “Ichiro Tsuruta: Chronicle”.

Ichiro Tsuruta fan’s official Facebook community group.
If you join the group, you can see the latest rare information of Ichiro Tsuruta at once.
You can freely contribute information, photos, movies, etc about Ichiro Tsuruta.

Ichiro Tsuruta Bijinga appears in an image commercial of beauty liquid shampoo “F-CURE”!
You must see Bijinga floating over New York town.

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