About Handling Personal Information

Our company recognizes social responsibility to handle personal information, under the following personal information protection policy,
handles personal information properly and endeavors to protect privacy.

maru-gray.gifProtection and Administration of Personal Information

Under a proper administration system, our company endeavors to protect precious
personal information of customers using each service on our Website.
As for normal access, customers do not need to input their names or other information
specifying their personalities.

maru-gray.gifAbout Service You Need to Input Personal Information

About various kinds of inquiry, occasionally you need to input your name, address,
telephone number, mail address or other personal information.
We normally use personal information as a means of contact which occurs from applicable service and a way to send
related information which occurs from service and various kinds of news occasionally.
Furthermore, we do not release, transfer or rent a third party personal information our company gathered.

maru-gray.gifInformation Protection on Our Site

Our company does not have responsibility for protection of customer’s
personal information, etc on other Websites linked to our web page.

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