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Yamaga Lantern Festival

Festival of Omiya Shrine in Yamaga Hot Spring, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto, held from August 15 to 17 every year.
Women wearing unlined cotton kimonos softly dance and walk around the city in a melody of a traditional folk song “Yohehobushi” with golden lanterns made of only gold and silver papers on their heads.

Ichiro Tsuruta from Amakusa, Kumamoto, has been painting poster works of “Yamaga Lantern Festival” since 1989.

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Japan Top 100 Castles Hitoyoshi Castle Festival

”Hitoyoshi Castle Festival” has been held since 2008 at the opportunity they chose Hitoyoshi Castle as one of “Japan Top 100 Castles”.
It is held at a stretch of Hitoyoshi Castle Site Park in Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto, etc from May 3 to 4.
The festival starts when about 200 in all armored samurais march around the city near Hitoyoshi Castle.
In Kuma River, they hold Plum Flower Ferry and Yabusane in which a samurai on a boat shoots an arrow.
In Hitoyoshi Castle Site, they hold Yabusame in which a samurai on a horse shoots an arrow and Nodate, an outdoor tea ceremony.

Ichiro Tsuruta from Amakusa, Kumamoto, has produced poster works of “Hitoyoshi Castle Festival” since 2012.

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Amakusa Hondo Haiya Festival

“Amakusa Hondo Haiya Festival” started when Hondo Chamber of Commerce Women’s Club demonstrated “Amakusa Haiya Dance” as a part of Amakusa Five Bridges Opening Ceremony in 1966. It is a typical event like “Ushibuka Haiya Festival” in April and brings the real feeling of summer to Hondo Area. The festival is started by “Amakusa Kohaiya” in which children cheerfully march around the town. They grandly hold “Fireworks Display” which vividly colors the night sky of summer and “Amakusa Haiya All Dancing in the Street” participated by all citizens marching around the street.

Ichiro Tsuruta from Amakusa, Kumamoto, has been painting poster works of “Amakusa Hondo Haiya Festival” since 1993.

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Shiro Amakusa -Prayer-

On April 2002, this work "Shiro Amakusa -Prayer-" was released at "Ichiro Tsuruta Exhibition" held as a renewal opening memorial project of Hondo Resident Center.
It gave people a lot to talk about as the first "Bishonen (handsome boy)" Ichiro Tsuruta has ever painted. This work is displayed in a gallery & reading room at Amakusa Christian Museum.

Title: Shiro Amakusa -Prayer-
Original Picture: acrylic on a board
Size: 1170 x 910 mm
Production: 2002

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